Anaheim Warns of Bogus Library Charges on Credit Cards

Anaheim Warns of Bogus Library Charges on Credit Cards
California Insider Staff

California Insider Staff


Updated: 4/14/2024

The Anaheim Public Library issued a public warning about scammers posing as library branches to charge credit cards.
“You can rest assured these fraudulent charges are not from Anaheim Public Library, our branches or the city,” Anaheim authorities said in the statement.
Authorities said local patrons weren’t impacted and that this type of scam is being undertaken in other states.
Some Reddit users have complained about charges from “Anaheim Canyon Library,” which does not exist, although there is a Canyon Hills Branch of Anaheim Public Library.
One February post said: “I got a 1 dollar charge, never been there, never used any service, looks like fraud have advised bank.”
Another said: “I got a charge for $11.52 on 2/18/24. I live in Massachusetts.”
Authorities recommended the following actions to those who suspect credit card fraud:
  • Check card activity online or through statements.
  • Notify the bank or card issuer and dispute any unauthorized charges.
  • Get guidance from the bank or card issuer on what to do in the event of fraud.
Those wanting more information can call the Anaheim Public Library at 714-765-1880.
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