About Us

In 2019, we embarked on a mission to provide a platform for Californians to discuss the challenges we face as a state. Our goal was clear: to offer unbiased and exceptional journalism that reinvigorates the Californian spirit. Despite facing relentless censorship attempts, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to preserving this sanctuary for open discourse. Through over 400 episodes, we brought to light the often-overlooked impact of laws, policies, and system gaps in our state.
We take pride in contributing to our community by engaging with expert insiders and fostering dialogue on critical issues. Our initiatives focus on being a platform for informed discussions and building partnerships that strengthen our mission.

Who We Are

Founded in 2019, California Insider is an independent factual platform that began as a YouTube show. While initially a talk show format, we have grown into a trusted source of information through our commitment to meticulously prepared questions and fact-checked content, always with the guidance of experienced journalists.

Our Mission and Values

Founded on the principle of creating a safe space for dialogue, we are guided by values of impartiality, optimism, integrity, and empathy. Our central mission is to reintroduce traditional journalism values in California, fostering a space where individuals can feel secure and well-informed. We are dedicated to posing rational and impartial questions, inviting experts to shed light on real issues and propose authentic solutions.

Future Vision

Our vision for the future is to become a tool for a brighter California, acknowledging past mistakes and learning from them to create a better future. We aim to restore what was great about California and facilitate open conversations that lead to positive change.
California Insider
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