San Diego Urges Retailers to Dispose Synthetic Cannabis Products

San Diego Urges Retailers to Dispose Synthetic Cannabis Products

Customers shop for marijuana products at a cannabis dispensary in Santa Ana, Calif., on Feb. 18, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

City News Service

City News Service


Updated: 12/9/2023

The city of San Diego is directing retailers selling synthetic hemp-derived products to dispose of such items within the month or face possible enforcement actions, it was announced Dec. 8.
Following a law enforcement investigation into alleged illegal dispensaries operating near schools and homes, the city sent letters this month to local retailers suspected of selling cannabis unlawfully or selling synthetic cannabis products.
Prohibited synthetic products include those claiming to be “Delta-8 THC,” “Delta-10 THC,” or “other similar synthetically derived ‘hemp-based’ products, as well as those hemp products which may be inhaled,” according to the city.
The letter dated Dec. 1 directs retailers to dispose of those products or surrender them to the San Diego Police Department by the end of the month.
“The unlawful distribution of these products is something the city takes very seriously,” said Lara Gates, deputy director of the city’s Development Services Department’s Cannabis Business Division. “They represent a danger not just to businesses but to the health and well-being of our communities. Our goal is to ensure both customers and dispensaries are safe and in compliance with all necessary regulations, and to protect against those who'd operate outside of them.”
The full letter is available on the government’s website.
Retailers were advised to contact the city’s Cannabis Business Division at for any questions or concerns.
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