California Ranks as Most Expensive Place to Get Divorced

California Ranks as Most Expensive Place to Get Divorced
Jill McLaughlin

Jill McLaughlin


Updated: 12/30/2023

Divorce can be a costly affair—especially in California.
The Golden State is the most expensive state in the U.S. to get divorced, costing nearly $10,200 on average, according to the latest study by Forbes Advisor, a global financial platform.
The state also has the highest filing fee, at $435, and one of the highest fees for attorneys, averaging more than $84 an hour.
Typically, a divorce costs about 8 percent of a married household’s income, according to the report published in November.
New York is the second-most costly state to divorce, followed by Oregon, Massachusetts, and Alaska.
“It isn’t surprising to see California, Alaska, Hawaii and New York at the top of this list,” Forbes Advisor’s Sarah Edwards said in an article about the survey. “These states have a high cost of living, so residents pay more for nearly everything.”
The least expensive state to get divorced in is Kansas, followed by Nebraska, Iowa, and Wyoming.
Every state considered the least expensive also has below-average costs of living.
Forbes Advisor examined four metrics for the survey: the state filing fee, average lawyer wages, cost of living, and how much the divorce cost as a percent of household income.
The state of Delaware was not included in the report because the state’s information was not up to date or available, according to Forbes Advisor.
Jill McLaughlin

Jill McLaughlin


Jill McLaughlin is an award-winning journalist covering politics, environment, and statewide issues. She has been a reporter and editor for newspapers in Oregon, Nevada, and New Mexico. Jill was born in Yosemite National Park and enjoys the majestic outdoors, traveling, golfing, and hiking.

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