Mayor Bass Provides First Aid After Photographer Collapses at Press Conference

Mayor Bass Provides First Aid After Photographer Collapses at Press Conference

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (2nd R) pauses Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore's speech after seeing a photographer collapses at the press conference in Los Angeles on Dec. 7, 2023. (Mayor Karen Bass/Screenshot via The Epoch Times)

City News Service

City News Service


Updated: 12/8/2023

LOS ANGELES—Following the collapse of a photographer during a news conference in which Mayor Karen Bass provided first aid, the mayor’s office confirmed Dec. 8 that the man was now in the hospital and recovering from the medical emergency.
During a news conference Thursday, where Ms. Bass congratulated 60 recruits who are expected to graduate from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Elysian Park Training Academy next week, a KCAL news photographer suddenly collapsed and hit his head hard on the ground, according to the mayor’s office.
The events that unfolded can be seen on Ms. Bass’s Facebook page because the news conference was being livestreamed. The news conference was cut early as Ms. Bass provided him with first aid.
In the video, viewers can see the moment the mayor leaped off the stage to help the photographer. The man collapsed behind the cameras, yet the video captured the ensuing panic, then Ms. Bass asserted over the situation.
Ms. Bass and others rolled the photographer onto his side, according to a representative of Ms. Bass’s office, who was also in attendance at the news conference. The mayor continued to check his pulse and ensured the man was breathing.
Ms. Bass has a degree in health sciences and previously worked as a physician assistant.
The mayor’s office said an ambulance arrived to take the man to a nearby hospital. Ms. Bass’s team checked up on the man Friday, and it was reported to them that he was doing better.
Details surrounding the cause of the man’s medical emergency were not immediately available.
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