Will California Lose Its Entrepreneurial Spirit as More Businesses Are Investing in Other States? | Marshall Toplansky

“Who is leaving? That’s probably the most worrying aspect of all of this. The people who are leaving are the most productive, what I call the seed corn of California, people who are going into family formation stage 30 to 50 year old people who are mid career people who make $200,000 a year and above. And so what we’re left with, which is kind of ironic is an aging graying generation that need more services in the form of personal services and health care services, and the low income people that service them.”
Siyamak sits down with Marshall Toplansky, innovation professor at Chapman University, who has been studying California’s Exodus. He'll share his findings from researching the demographics of the people that are leaving California, and how this population decline is going to impact us Californians our innovation, culture and future prosperity.
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Siyamak Khorrami

Siyamak Khorrami


Siyamak Khorrami has been the general manager and chief editor of the Southern California edition of The Epoch Times since 2017. He is also the host of the “California Insider” show, which showcases leaders and professionals across the state with inside information about trending topics and critical issues in California.

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