Are California Housing Mandates Ending Community Involvement And Character Of Cities? | Amy Kalish | Lydia Kou

“The goal is to densify every town in the state. To densify it so that'd be walking around, not driving. In some places, it doesn’t work. But this whole policy has been applied as “one size fits all” with no complaining.”
Siyamak sits down with Amy Kalish, with . She’s been studying what the Housing Mandates are for different cities in California. Amy’s going to tell us what’s happening with California communities.
“These are buildings built for profit, single family homes for rent only. So they’re kept off the market forever. And whole neighborhoods do get bought up by corporations. What the state does is they bloat out the HCD budget, hire a lot of people to come and bother every city to see what they’re doing. They write a ton of reports to spend millions of dollars on paying consultants to write reports and none of that is going towards any kind of solution or housing.” Ms. Kalish said.
We’ve also talked with Lydia Kou, former mayor and current city council member of Palo Alto, to see her perspective as a city leader, and what’s going on with California cities and the housing mandates.
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Siyamak Khorrami

Siyamak Khorrami


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