State Farm Not Renewing 72,000 Policies in California, Worsening Insurance Crisis | Rex Frazier

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In a recent interview, Rex Frazier, President of the Personal Insurance Federation of California, provided insight into State Farm’s recent decision to non-renew home insurance policies for approximately 29,000 policyholders in the state.
According to Mr. Fraizer, State Farm has faced significant financial challenges in recent years due to unprofitable growth in California. While other insurers reduced their business or non-renewed policies after devastating wildfires in 2017 and 2018, State Farm continued growing its market share to over 21% currently. However, this growth drained the insurer’s policyholder protection funds.
In a letter to the Insurance Commissioner, State Farm indicated its policyholder surplus had declined dramatically, raising solvency concerns if changes were not made. To stabilize its financial position, the insurer made the difficult decision to non-renew some policies, targeting areas at high risk of wildfires.
While the number impacted is small relative to State Farm’s total book, any non-renewals impact homeowners. Mr. Frazier notes the insurer is aiming to reduce exposure in the highest-risk areas to bolster its ability to serve remaining customers over the long run.
California’s home insurance market faces broader challenges with outdated regulations preventing insurers from adequately increasing rates despite the rising costs of rebuilding after fires. If rates remain too low, insurers’ ability to cover claims is threatened.
The Insurance Commissioner has proposed regulatory reforms aimed at modernizing the system to improve insurers’ financial stability and encourage writing policies in high-risk areas. However, implementing changes will take time. More insurers may pursue actions like State Farm’s if the issues are not addressed.
Overall, State Farm’s decision highlights the need for reforms to balance homeowners’ insurance access and affordability with insurers’ financial viability in a state increasingly impacted by climate risks like wildfires.
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