Major Change Coming for California Homeless Laws: Cities Gain Control Over No Camping Laws | Chris Tourtellotte

California is facing a homelessness crisis of epic proportions. As Chris Tourtellotte of LaTerra Development points out, the state accounts for over 30% of the nation’s homeless population despite having only 12% of the total population. In a recent interview, Tourtellotte outlined several factors driving this crisis and potential policy solutions to consider.
Three main drivers of homelessness were identified: the lack of affordable housing due to supply constraints, untreated mental health and substance abuse issues, and California’s welcoming policies that attract homeless populations from other states. On housing, Tourtellotte argues for incentivizing more development near transit while ensuring affordability. However, he acknowledges the limitations of government to directly build units and advocates for more public-private partnerships.
On the mental health front, Tourtellotte stresses the need for integrated housing and treatment models. He also calls for enforcing laws against dangerous open-air drug markets. At the same time, he affirms California’s compassionate services for those in need.
When it comes to policy responses, Tourtellotte supports Los Angeles’ anti-camping ordinance near schools as a matter of public safety, while recognizing the need for long-term solutions. He also hopes the Supreme Court will overturn the Boise ruling to provide cities more flexibility.
However, Tourtellotte strongly opposes further rent control expansion, citing studies showing it can reduce new housing supply - the opposite of what California desperately needs. Finding the right balance of compassion and practical solutions will be key to solving this crisis.
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