4 Boats Abandoned Every Week In San Diego Beach, Mayor Raises Public Safety Concern | Jim Desmond

0:00 - Dozens of Migrants Land on California’s Beach in Speedboat
1:53 - There’s Nothing Local Law Enforcement Can Do About it. Here’s Why
5:10 - Local Residents Raise Safety Concerns
5:42 - How Does the U.S. Handle Illegal Immigrants Now?
According to San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond, illegal boat landings and border crossings have significantly increased in the San Diego area in recent months. In a recent interview, Mr. Desmond described a viral video showing a boat landing on a Carlsbad beach with over a dozen people disembarking and fleeing in vehicles.
Mr. Desmond noted that maritime crews are now picking up around four abandoned boats per week in San Diego County. While some border crossers engage with Border Patrol, Desmond expressed concern that others are avoiding authorities altogether by landing directly in cities like Carlsbad. With no identification checks or engagement with law enforcement, local communities do not know who these individuals are or what their intentions might be.
A key issue raised by Mr. Desmond is that 2017’s Senate Bill 54 prohibits local law enforcement from cooperating with immigration authorities or enforcing immigration laws themselves. As a result, the Carlsbad Police had no ability to investigate or identify the SUV passengers beyond potential vehicle violations. With overwhelmed Border Patrol resources, Desmond doubts consequences for such direct border crossings.
While offering no stance on immigration policy itself, this article aims to objectively outline public safety concerns raised by Mr. Desmond and local officials regarding the practical impacts of current laws on their ability to serve communities in the face of changing enforcement realities on the ground.
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