California’s New Tax Reform: Taxpayers Gain Control Over Tax Increases | Jon Coupal

The proposed Taxpayer Protection Act, which aims to amend California’s state constitution, seeks to give voters more control over taxation according to proponents. Jon Coupal, President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, argues the act is needed to address the state’s high tax burden.
Coupal cites statistics showing California’s income, sales, and gas taxes are among the highest in the nation. He contends this tax burden has contributed to people leaving the state. The Taxpayer Protection Act aims to increase transparency around tax and fee increases. It also seeks to require voter approval of statewide tax hikes and tighten rules around what constitutes a tax versus fee.
Supporters argue this will make elected officials more accountable to voters on taxation issues. They also believe it could curb workarounds that have weakened protections of Proposition 13, California’s landmark 1978 property tax law. However, others worry it may unduly limit revenue options or that its effects on services are unclear.
With its qualification for the November ballot, the act is bringing the debate around taxation and government accountability in California to the forefront. Voters will soon have a chance to weigh in on whether the state needs stronger taxpayer protections.
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