San Diego Border Overwhelmed by Migrants; Thousands Arrive in a Week With No Plan | Jim Desmond

San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond offers a critical perspective on the recent changes to migrant support services in the region. Desmond highlights the county’s decision to halt funding for a migrant drop-off site that had been operational for approximately four and a half months. The site, which had been costing local taxpayers about $1.5 million per month, was designed to assist migrants in reaching their final destinations across the country with the help of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
Desmond expresses his opposition to the local funding of this federal immigration issue, advocating for federal responsibility in covering such expenses. With the closure of the funded site, Border Patrol agents have resorted to dropping migrants at a transit center in San Ysidro, lacking essential facilities, further complicating the migrants’ journey.
The Supervisor also addresses the broader implications of current immigration policies and practices, criticizing the federal government’s approach and its impact on local resources and communities. He notes the significant number of migrants being dropped off in the county, the challenges they face without adequate resources, and the strain on local infrastructure, including the airport becoming an unintended shelter for migrants.
Desmond argues for the enforcement of existing immigration laws rather than the introduction of new legislation. He suggests that current policies encourage migrants to bypass legal entry processes, contributing to the challenges faced by local governments in managing the influx. Despite his criticisms, Desmond empathizes with migrants seeking a better life and acknowledges the allure of the opportunities the U.S. offers.
The article concludes with Desmond’s critique of sanctuary policies and the provision of services like free healthcare and legal aid to migrants in California, underscoring the financial and operational burdens these policies place on local jurisdictions. He calls for a reassessment of local and federal approaches to immigration, emphasizing the need for sustainable, legally grounded solutions to manage the situation effectively.
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