Colombia Expert Tells Why California’s Drugs Crisis is Only Gets Worse

Francois Cavard (Courtesy of Bay Area Innovators)

Francois Cavard, a human right activist who spent years on investigating the drugs trade in central and south America, gives us an overview on drugs trafficking and what roles the communist regimes play in the overdose crisis of the US.
While cocaine is poised to surpass oil as Colombia’s biggest export, San Francisco saw its deadliest year from overdose in 2023 with 806 dead. Growing cocaine plants on 400,000 hectares in Colombia is the source and we will follow the flow of cocaine to see how it reaches the United States.
According to Cavard, if Colombia continues on the path to decriminalizes drugs, it will become the paradise of mobsters.  FARC, the biggest cocaine cartel in the world controls 80% of the trafficking of contain worldwide.
This is in alliance with the Mexican cartels which have the full control of distribution of drugs in the United States.  They have a common interest: to see the United States of America fail.  To make it fail, they need chaos.
Steve Ispas

Steve Ispas


Steve is an investigative reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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