San Franciscans Are Fighting to Turn the City Around | Erica Sandberg

“There’s a huge energy in the city right now with people desperately wanting change.”
Siyamak sits down with Erica Sandberg, an independent journalist who reports on the issues facing San Francisco, such as crime, homelessness and the struggles of local businesses. She'll provide her perspective on what’s going on in the city, and how local residents are finally fighting for change.
“We have just over $14 billion budget, and we can’t keep our streets clean. That’s insane. We had 8000 People working in the Department of Public Health alone, and we can’t seem to get people into addiction care? The corruption is off the hook,” Erica Sandberg said. “It’s kind of like handing somebody a tissue when they need chemotherapy. Don’t do that. And don’t lie to people. Because when you do, money pours into those false solutions. And then you lose hope. And then you go, then you leave. And this is what we’ve seen.”
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Siyamak Khorrami

Siyamak Khorrami


Siyamak Khorrami has been the general manager and chief editor of the Southern California edition of The Epoch Times since 2017. He is also the host of the “California Insider” show, which showcases leaders and professionals across the state with inside information about trending topics and critical issues in California.

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