‘The War on Children’: A Must Watch Documentary or a Propaganda Piece?

"The War on Children" movie review. (NTD)

Join B.J. Kang, representing Generation Z, and Fred Sottile, our seasoned Boomer, for a captivating discussion as they dissect “The War on Children,” a documentary by Robbie Starbuck that sheds light on the impact of leftist ideologies on American youth.
In this insightful conversation, B.J. and Fred delve into the documentary’s exploration of societal issues, including attacks on masculinity, femininity, Christianity, and traditional values.
Throughout the review, they candidly critique the documentary’s presentation style, noting its pushy and preachy tone, as well as its failure to effectively identify the enemy or offer a clear call to action. Despite addressing crucial topics like transgender ideology and social media addiction, the documentary struggles to deliver a compelling argument.
Join B.J. and Fred as they reflect on the importance of impactful storytelling in addressing societal issues and express their desire to support independent filmmakers in producing more artistically driven productions. If you’re interested in critical discussions on pressing social topics, this review offers valuable insights and perspectives. Don’t miss out on this engaging conversation!
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