Widespread Rumors of Gov. Newsom Exempting Donors From Fast Food $20 Minimum Wage Law | Katy Grimes

In an interview with California Globe Editor Katy Grimes, new details emerged regarding a last-minute exemption added to California’s $20 per hour minimum wage law, which went into effect this year.
The exemption allows restaurants that bake bread on-site to be excluded from the higher minimum wage requirement. Mrs.Grimes reported that this narrow exemption appears tailored to benefit Panera Bread, whose business model focuses on baking bread for sandwiches and other items.
When asked about the exemption, the Governor’s office denied Newsom played any role in crafting the language. However, they did not provide documentation to substantiate their claims when pressed by Mrs.Grimes.
The unexpected specificity of the exemption and lack of transparency have led to criticisms that undue political influence may have shaped the policy outcome. Others argue the law should treat all businesses fairly.
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