New California Bill Would Give $2 Billion of Unemployment Benefits to Illegal Immigrants | John Seiler

John Seiler, a columnist for The Epoch Times, recently discussed California’s growing budget deficit and the impact of proposed legislation that would provide state benefits to undocumented immigrants.
Seiler notes that Senate Bill 227, if passed, would grant unemployment insurance to illegal immigrants in California at an estimated cost of $2 billion annually. This comes at a time when Governor Newsom has said California faces a budget shortfall of up to $55 billion.
The state is also still paying back $32 billion that was stolen in fraudulent unemployment claims during the pandemic. According to Seiler’s analysis, this amounts to over $900 per California taxpayer to repay.
Seiler argues that providing additional benefits like unemployment insurance and free healthcare to illegal immigrants will only exacerbate California’s budget crisis. It could also encourage more illegal immigration as people come to California seeking government assistance.
While supportive of legal immigration, Seiler believes California simply cannot afford to extend these types of costly social benefits given the enormous deficit facing the state. It will be interesting to see if Governor Newsom decides to veto Senate Bill 227, as he has vetoed other bills due to budget concerns.
This interview sheds light on the difficult financial challenges California faces and the debate around immigration policy’s fiscal impact on the state. As the deficit grows, pressure mounts on leaders to balance compassion with fiscal responsibility.
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