California’s Plan for 100% Zero-Emission Truck Sales by 2036, How Will It Work? | John Boesel

0:00 - California Ending Diesel Truck Sales by 2036
3:03 - How Is the Trucking Industry Transitioning to Zero-Emission?
5:05 - Will Long-Term Benefits of EVs Outweigh High Upfront Costs?
7:24 - Can the Power Grid Handle Charging Thousands of Electric Trucks?
In an interview, John Boesel, president and CEO of transportation industry association CALSTART Inc., outlined California’s ambitious goals and leadership in transitioning the commercial vehicle sector to zero-emissions.
Boesel highlighted California’s regulations requiring 30% of new trucks sold by 2030 and 100% by 2036 to be zero-emission. He praised the state’s funding to support purchasing and infrastructure development, despite higher upfront costs, citing total cost of ownership savings over time.
While challenges in quickly upgrading grid infrastructure to support electric truck charging were acknowledged, Boesel was optimistic about interim solutions providing clean backup power. He also pointed to innovation from companies like Rivian and Tesla in electric trucks, and Nikola and Hi yunda operating fuel cell trucks in California.
If implemented successfully, California’s zero-emission truck push could realize air quality and public health benefits by reducing diesel pollution exposure. The transition may also spur economic growth and new jobs in clean transportation industries.
While ambitious, Boesel believes the goals can be achieved through continued technology improvements, expanded funding support systems, and cooperation across industries, governments and the private sector. If so, California’s leadership could help accelerate the global transition to zero-emission commercial vehicles.
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