California Extends Free Healthcare to 700,000 Illegal Immigrants Despite Record Budget Deficit | Susan Shelley

June 11, 2024
Key Takeaways
  • 0:00 CA Commits $6.5B/yr to Extend Medi-Cal to Illegal Immigrants
  • 01:58 How Medi-Cal Expansion Affects Healthcare Access in California
  • 03:10 Who Is Receiving the Coverage, and Can California Do This?
  • 03:55 Expanded Coverage Raises Concerns About Budgeting
In a recent decision, California has expanded its Medi-Cal coverage to include undocumented immigrants, making them eligible for full-scope health insurance if they meet income qualifications. While this move aims to ensure healthcare for all residents, it has sparked considerable debate about its financial and societal implications. Susan Shelley, a columnist for the Southern California News Group, offers a critical perspective on this policy, highlighting its potential drawbacks and the broader issues it raises.
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