6 Bodies Found, Sheriff Warns of Cartel Presence in Mojave Desert | Shannon Dicus

In a recent interview, San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus discussed the proliferation of illegal marijuana grows in the county’s desert areas since the passage of Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana use in California. While the proposition aimed to establish a regulated cannabis industry, Dicus argues it has had the unintended consequence of opening the floodgates for large-scale illegal cultivation.
Dicus described coming across crime scenes related to disputes between illegal grow operations, including a recent mass murder of six victims. He noted the presence of human trafficking and environmental damage related to unauthorized grows. The sheriff believes making illegal cultivation a felony, rather than the current misdemeanor status, could help address the associated crime problems by deterring large illegal operations.
At the same time, Dicus acknowledged supporters’ arguments that legalization aims to reduce incarceration and disparities. However, he contends the current system has not curbed the black market and is endangering lives. The sheriff called for bipartisan cooperation to curb illegal grows in a way that respects voters’ intent to regulate the industry, while also protecting public safety and the environment.
Overall, Dicus’ interview highlights the complex challenges of balancing legalization with law enforcement. As the issue continues evolving, further discussion is still needed on achieving the goals of regulation without unintentionally enabling other problems.
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